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Týždenný prehľad DIPOLu - TV a SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 41/2015 (Dec. 14, 2015)
LiFi shortly in homes? An Estonian company, Velmenni, has practically tested their LiFi solutions in real-world environments. They presented 1 Gbps links operating within offices. The potential of this technology is huge, so far scientists were able to reach in lab conditions many times higher transfers - two-way connections over 3-meter distances with data rates 224 Gbps (6 x 37.4 Gbps) for 60-degree wide beams and 112 Gbps (3 x 37.4 Gbps) for 36-degree ones.
Li-Fi is a wireless technology of high-speed data transmission using visible light communication (VLC)
(source: extremetech.com)
The potential is much higher than the latest accomplishments of the wireless 802.11 ac standard (up to several Gbps), and another advantage is low power consumption (it can be a "side product" of the normal lighting function of LED bulbs). However, the way to practical implementations of LiFi technology seems quite long - for good results the devices communicating "by light" should be rather immovable, with a clear line-of-view, and without interference from other sources of light or moving objects (reflections, shadows). These conditions generally exist in the case of "stationary" devices, such as televisions, printers etc.
Wireless communication using light as a carrier - Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) - was first presented in 2011 by Professor Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh. Using one LED, he managed to get a throughput of 10 Mbps, sufficient for streaming an HD video to a computer. That year, a 3 Gbps speed was achieved by the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Germany, and another research carried out by the Ultra Parallel Visible Light Communications project, a joint venture between the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Strathclyde, resulted in transmission speeds of 10 Gbps. Li-Fi should enable creation of high-speed telecommunications networks with properties similar to Wi-Fi solutions. It can be used in places where radio carriers are prohibited, undesirable, or unreliable, such as in operating rooms, on airplanes, in factories etc.
Multiswitch system for 158 apartments in Poznan, Poland. Below we present the results of the installation of SMATV system at a housing development in Poznan. The system provides satellite signals from Hotbird 13.0E and Astra 19.2E, and terrestrial DVB-T, DAB and FM radio broadcasts. The whole distribution system has been based on TERRA devices. The installation and configuration work has been done by GK-Elektro company.
The input signals come from two master antenna sets, each for ca. 80 apartments and composed of UHF antenna ATX-91 A3710, radio antennas A0221 and A0140 and satellite dish Laminas OFC-1200P A9670 with two LNBs Inverto BLACK Ultra A98266.
The distribution system includes amplifier for 9-input multiswitches, Terra SA-901 R70901, which also supplies power to all active components of the system. The 9-cable bus is split into the staircase subnetworks with the use of SS-9XX taps providing signals to MSV multiswitches with suitable number of outputs. Before injecting into the multiswitch system, terrestrial TV and radio signals are amplified and equalized by a set of TERRA at440 R82511 and TERRA ma400 R82520 TERRA amplifiers.
View of the MSV-916 R70866 multiswitch. Thanks to power supply from the remote amplifier, there was no need for connections to AC power network in the locations of the multiswitches.
The wiring has been made of Triset-113 cables - the E1017 gel-filled cable with black PE coating has been laid outdoors, on the roofs of the buildings, and the E1015 white cable with PVC sheath has been deployed inside the buildings. High reliability of the system is also achieved by the application of professional MASTER E80342 compression connectors.
When should you use an outdoor cellular antenna for the Internet? If the signal strength indicator on your cell phone or modem indicates a low level (below -85 dBm, on the phone it is usually less than 3 bars out of 5), you should use an external antenna. Another reason is the situation in which the signal level is very variable, e.g. due to traffic or weather conditions.
To select the best outdoor antenna, you should:
  • contact your service provider to get information on the type of the service (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, 3G, HSPA+, LTE) and frequency band (450, 900, 1800, 2100 MHz),
  • determine the location of the nearest base station,
  • check the type of the antenna connector for the modem (view available connectors),
  • find the information on the suitable outdoor antenna in this article.
LTE MIMO Antenna: ATK-LOG LTE (800-2170MHz, 5m cable, FME socket)
LTE MIMO Antenna ATK-LOG LTE (800-2170MHz, 5m cable, FME socket) A7057_5
Basic diagnostics of optical links. Beginners in the field of fiber optic systems are often reluctant to purchase equipment allowing professional measurements of optical links. However, a stable optical laser source and an optical power meter can, in most cases, give the answer to the question "why does the link not work?".
Optical Power Meter GRANDWAY FHP1B02
Optical Laser Source GRANDWAY FHS1D02 (1310nm/1550nm)
Optical Power Meter
Optical Laser Source 1310/1550nm
The devices connected on two sides of an optical path allow for the measurement of its attenuation (the output power level of the source is precisely known, the meter measures the actual level at the end of the link). In the case of an irregularity, the installer can measure the attenuation of any component or part of the link.
The need for the measurements is particularly essential in situations where the cabling is to be used, for example, by independent service providers in the future. Depending on the type of the service, the attenuation of optical paths can be critical for the implementation of e.g. a PON providing TV programming and access to the Internet.
TCP/IP (SSL) communication module from ROPAM. ROPAM company has launched TCP/IP (AP-IP) communication module allowing for the management and control of the OptimaGSM G7005 alarm control panel via a web browser. The set of OptimaGSM and AP-IP modules is the first solution on the market with built-in WebSerwer (based on HTML5) dedicated for users requiring full and safe control of their systems. The safety is guaranteed by SSL connection, the user does not need any additional software and can use any web browser. Aside from the WebSerwer functionality, the AP-IP module supports mobile devices with three operation systems, Android, IOS, and Windows Mobile. ROPAM company has made available an AP-IP demo showing the capabilities to control the alarm module via a web browser. To run the demo, the user should:
View of the WebSerwer logging window
  • open a web browser and enter the following address: http://ropam.net/ or,
  • confirm the exception to SSL certificate (certificate is inconsistent with the address of the server),
  • enter login data:
    • user's code (4 characters): 5555
    • TCP/IP application password (16 characters):1234567890123456
  • click on "Zaloguj" (Log in),
  • test the demo options as the main user of OptimaGSM system (control of arming/disarming of 4 zones, control of outputs, monitoring of video from a PAL camera (via FGR-4, KAM.1), viewing of event log etc).
Teleconference with the use of IP cameras. Many companies are opting for the creation of video conferencing, as this way of communication allows for training activities and negotiations without generating costs associated with business trips. The DS-2CD2432F-IW K1716 cube IP camera can be used for two-way videoconferencing. The minimum requirements for the other side include a suitable PC with microphone and speaker/headphones and a camera, capable of receiving the video and voice via a browser or the dedicated application iVMS-4200. The camera can be connected wirelessly (Wi-Fi, IEEE802.11 b/g/n) or via Ethernet port. The video transmitted over IP network with maximum resolution of 3 MP at 20 fps has high quality typical for IP Hikvision cameras, and the lens with 86o viewing angle provides full and clear view of the room. The conference from the camera can be conducted with up to 6 participants.
Cube IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW (3MP, 2.8mm, 0.7 lx, IR up to 10m)
View of the Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW K1716 cube IP camera.
The conference from the camera can be conducted with up to 6 participants.
New products offered by DIPOL
Folding stand for unwinding cables from reels
Folding stand for unwinding cables from reels E1910 with 35 mm holding tube is used for unwinding coaxial cables from reels with max height/width of 340 mm and diameter up to 390 mm. A very useful accessory for any antenna installer, dedicated for use with 500-meter reels of E1220_500 Tri-Shield DIPOLNET class A cable.
HD-TVI TURBO HD Camera Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IT3 (compact, 720p, 2.8mm, 0.1 lx, IR up 30m)
HD-TVI TURBO HD Camera Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IT3 M7561 has been designed for use in CCTV systems based on HD-TVI DVRs. The camera provides 720p video. With sensitivity of 0.1 lx and built-in IR illuminator with range up to 30 m, the camera provides high quality images in low light or even no-light conditions (with IR).

Amplifier for 9-input Multiswitches: Terra SA-91L (class A)
Amplifier for 9-input Multiswitches Terra SA-91L (class A) R70901 is designed for amplification of the first SAT IF and terrestrial DVB-T/Radio signals within SMATV systems built with 9-input multiswitches. It has 8 satellite inputs and DVB-T/Radio input and allows for equalization of the input signals. The SA-91L R70901 amplifier has LTE filter for eliminating unwanted signals in 800 MHz band (791-862 MHz) coming from LTE services.
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