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Týždenný prehľad DIPOLu - TV a SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 3/2014 (Jan. 20, 2014)
Trends in consumer electronics for 2014. Market trends for the coming year, similarly to the previous years, can be derived from the visions of exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show, held in early January in Las Vegas. This year's event took place on January 7-10, attracting a record-breaking groups of exhibitors (3200) and visitors (approximately 20 000). Since the beginning, the prestigious fair encourages manufactures to present their new products. It was the place of the introduction of video cassette recorder (VCR) in 1970, camcorder and CD player in 1981, DVD in 1996, HDTV in 1998, Xbox in 2001, Blu-ray player in 2004.
This year, market leaders were presenting "smart technologies" based on miniature devices that should make life easier for us. They could be used anywhere, e.g. as wrist straps or gadgets in cars.
Intel Edison - a computer of the size of SD card,
designed for consumer electronics devices
The role of the brain of these devices can be performed by a microcomputer called Edison, unveiled by Intel. The miniature board of the size of SD card contains dual-core processor and modules to communicate via WiFi and Bluetooth. The computer running Linux OS is to be mainly used in electronics worn by the users (wearable tech). Intel is waiting for ideas for Edison applications. It announced a competition with $ 500 thousand for the winner and the total prize pool of $ 1.3 million.
Car lovers were attracted by BMW i3 electric automobile with integrated SIM card. The driver, using "My BMW Remote" application can exchange information with the vehicle directly from their mobile device, e.g. check the battery charge and possible range of the vehicle, close the windows, in advance switch on the air conditioning system.
A new 105" television from Samsung.
The bending of the screen can be controlled by the user.
Offers of TV manufacturers were dominated by Ultra HD televisions. According to Sony, the standard Full HD televisions will shortly become obsolete. Ultra HD monitors/TVs present the image in 4K resolution (4 times higher than Full HD). The Ultra HD products are becoming cheaper. The corporation also presented cameras capturing video in this format. Now, the users of the new televisions have online access to the Ultra HD content via dedicated Sony service.
Many visitors were interested in TVs with curved screens, providing a more natural experience.
LG strives to integrate its smart devices. Their latest application for smartphones called "Home Chat" should enable "conversation" with household devices using everyday language (NLP application - Natural Language Processing). Using this application, it is enough to send to the NLP fridge e.g. "what is missing?" query to get a shopping list.
A special area was dedicated to 3D printing technology. The visitors could see new printers and observe printing processes. They could also taste printed sweets. The printer for confectioners, using sugar and chocolate, could prepared any sweets according to a recipe.
3D printing devices are becoming cheaper and cheaper (the prices start at $ 500). The manufacturers hope that this equipment will become as popular as inkjet printers.
An interesting device, designed and built by a startup company, is Airtame. It allows users to display images from their computers to any monitors equipped with HDMI connectors. The connectivity between the devices is based on WiFi. The company, also named Airtame, has collected over 460 percent of the funds needed for the project, from over 7500 investors. It shows the popularity of the venture.
Airtame, a device of the size of a USB flash drive,
that converts any monitor or TV with HDMI input into a universal display
A great interest of the public was awakened by Oculus Rift. These glasses display images that move the user to the virtual world. The accessory, weighting 0.38 kg, delivers HD-ready video content from computers or game consoles. The main purpose of the device is to improve the attractiveness of games, virtual tours etc. The users, moving their heads, can look around the virtual world and hear sounds from the virtual environment, being cut off from the reality. The developers take steps towards price reduction and integration with today's consoles.
Mechanical splices - questions and answers. Installers who begin their adventure with fiber optics have many questions on splicing optical fibers. In general, the joining methods used for optical fibers are not as simple as in the case of connecting copper cables. To facilitate the understanding of mechanical splicing, we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions.
Fiber Optic Mechanical Splice: ULTIMODE FAST-MS1 [5 pcs.]
Mechanical splice ULTIMODE FAST-MS1
  • What is a mechanical splice? Mechanical splice is a component for joining two separate optical fibers, made ​​with high accuracy allowing for precise and permanent positioning of the prepared fiber ends to minimize signal attenuation. The device also protects the connection from mechanical and environmental damage.
  • What tools are needed to make a mechanical splice? The installer needs fiber optic stripper L5905, precision fiber cleaver L5801, IPA solvent cleaner L5915, and dust-free Kim-Wipes L5913. Other very useful tools are visual fault locator L5934, optical power meter L5821, optical laser source L5825, fiber scraps trash can L5918 and scissors for cutting Kevlar(R) L5904.
  • What fibers can be to joined using mechanical splices? Mechanical splices can be used for joining single-mode and multimode fibers with buffer or jacket diameter of 250 μm and 900 μm.
  • What is the attenuation of mechanical splices? Properly installed mechanical splice has an attenuation of less than 0.15 dB. Practice shows that skilful installers using mechanical splices are able to achieve attenuation level identical with that of fusion splices. The loss of a splice depends on many factors, but mainly on the accuracy of the fiber cutting and the manual skills of the installer.
  • Are mechanical splices strong and durable? Mechanical splices are sufficiently strong and durable. However, they should not be exposed to longitudinal forces, therefore they should always be placed in specially designed compartments in installation boxes or distribution frames. Well-protected mechanical splices guarantee durability of the connections.
Design of a multiswitch system for a multi-family building performed with the latest SatNet 3.0 app. Before installation, multiswitch systems in multi-family buildings have to be properly designed. The initial parameters for the calculations are: network topology, the number and kind of multiswitches, attenuation of the cable used. The design process involves optimal selection of the system components and setup of their parameters so that the output signals in all outlets are compliant with appropriate standards.
The free TERRA SatNet application allows for designing SMATV systems with the calculation of projected levels of terrestrial and satellite signals for each outlet in the network. This allows the designer/installer, sitting in front of the monitor, to predict what devices will be needed for distributing the signals and what settings like gain and cable equalization level (slope) will provide the desired results. In all cases these settings fully correspond with the optimum values in real networks.

An example of a SMATV system with 96 outlets, designed with the use of the latest SatNet 3.0 version of the software. The system for a multifamily building uses a single master antenna set and is based on bus topology with splittersand taps, and Terra MV-524 R70724 multiswitches. All active components of the system are powered from the SA-51 R70501 amplifier.
Which UPS to choose? When choosing an uninterruptible power supply, it is important to take into account the output voltage waveform. Depending on the kind of a UPS, the waveform may be rectangular, simulated (approximated) sine wave, or pure sine wave. The waveform of the output voltage is important for the powered devices .
The waveforms of the output voltage generated by UPSes:
red - pure sine wave, blue - simulated sine wave, violet - square wave
Most devices can be powered by UPSes generating simulated sine wave like CyberPower DX850E N9720. Some devices (especially consuming higher power) are equipped with active PFC circuits which aim to improve the power factor. Such devices require the use of UPSes with pure sine wave, such as the CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD N9724.
An important feature of UPSes is AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). Its job is to lower (trim) or increase (boost) the AC line voltage. When, for example, the line voltage is too low, a UPS with AVR does not switches to battery mode, but it increases the output voltage to the rated value (in Europe to 230 VAC).
BNC video output in Sunell cameras. Each time, the installer of a CCTV camera has to set the focal length and sharpness. It cannot be done in advance but only in the selected location, and becomes a problem when the camera is mounted at a great height. The installer climbing on a ladder with a laptop can end up falling down or dropping the laptop, not to mention the difficulties in working under these conditions.
Service Monitor MS-35P (3.5Outdoor IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/12DN/V (CMOS 1080p, ONVIF)
Sunell K1680 camera and service monitor M3103
- the left close-up shows the location of the adjustments,
- the right one presents the rear panel with the BNC video output
Sunell company makes the job of installers easier by equipping its IP cameras ( K1634, K1637, K1660, K1680, K1691, K1695, K1698) with BNC analog video output. The output can be directly connected to 3.5'' analog video monitor MS-35P M3103. The small size of the monitor and wrist strap allow for quick, easy and safe adjustment of any of the IP cameras. The monitor is battery-operated, but it can also be powered from AC power network. It is an ideal tool for every CCTV installer.
DIPOL offers large server rack cabinet. Our offer includes now Signal rack cabinet R9120165 (42U, 600x1000 mm) with perforated front and rear doors to cool the devices mounted inside from external air conditioning units. The distances between pairs of rails located on both sides of the cabinet can be adjusted in increments of 1 cm, which simplifies installation of servers and similar devices. The cabinet has four lockable side walls.
SIGNAL 19" Server RACK Cabinet
(standing, 42U 600x1000 mm)
Key features:
  • Dimensions: 42U 600x1000 mm
  • Self-assembling time ca 80 minutes (one person)
  • Perforated double front and rear doors
  • Removable side panels (two on one side)
  • Four rack rails for mounting devices (two on the front and two on the rear) with increment of 1 cm
  • Marked distances (1U) on mounting rails
  • Two vertical cable organizers
  • Holes for cables on top and in the bottom
  • Made of steel sheet painted in black (RAL 9004)
  • Lockable all doors and panels
  • Grounding connector
New products offered by DIPOL
RouterBoard RB2011UAS-RM (600MHz 128MB, 5x1000Mbps, 5x100Mbps, SFP, LCD)
RouterBoard RB2011UAS-RM N242011. RouterBoard RB2011UAS-RM runs RouterOS Level 5 system. This 5-port Gigabit Ethernet and 5-port Fast Ethernet router is equipped with 600 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM. The components and system ensure exceptional performance compared to SOHO devices that usually are equipped with RAM up to 16 MB. The hardware and MikroTik system based on Linux are designed to create advanced professional networks based on static or dynamic routing. With advanced firewall features and queuing, it is easy to manage Internet bandwidth.
UPS CyberPower UPS CP900EPFCLCD N9724. UPS CP900EPFCLCD supply unit is recommended for use with DVRs/NVRs, computers and other devices equipped with power supplies with active PFC function (unlike other UPSes, it generates pure sine wave at full power range). The UPS is equipped with three filtered power outputs with battery backup, plus 3 additional outlets protected against voltage surges. The multifunctional LCD display on the front panel provides information on battery status, operation time, load etc. The included PowerPanel Personal Edition software allows the user to manage and monitor the UPS via a USB port.

Pole/Post Clamp MH-625 (Ø max 105mm, black)
Pole/Post Clamp MH-625 M5174. The MH-625 galvanized clamp allows for mounting one or two camera brackets (on both sides) on a pole/post with diameter up to 105 mm. The kit includes two clamping elements, two threaded rods, 4x nut with washer.
The latest:
January 3, 2014 - Sunell IP cameras have become very popular. In 2013, Sunell IP cameras were among the market winners. The increase in the sales value in the previous year was over 40%. The market leader is a compact Full HD (2MP) IP CMOS camera Sunell SN-IPR54/12DN/V K1680.
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Fiber-optic revolution and digital TV in a hospital. The designer of telecommunication system in one of Polish hospitals decided to implement a modern fiber-optic system, reducing copper wiring to a minimum. The project included application of the equipment offered by DIPOL.
The use of optical fibers not only eliminated problems typical for copper systems (stray currents, risks from voltage surges, mutual interference with specialized medical equipment) but also made it easier to design the whole system... more
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