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DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 32/2021 (October 11, 2021)
Sofia Digital will create a Central Service Registry for DVB-I. On behalf of the DVB organization, Sofia Digital will create a Central Service Registry (CSR) for the DVB-I standard. In the future, the entire standard will operate around this registry, and any device compliant with the DVB-I specification will benefit from access to the services available there.
The creation of the registry, however, will begin with a review of the concepts adopted in the DVB-I standard. In the second phase, their own services will be implemented free of charge in order to test the standard on a wider group of users.
DVB-I is a standard that will complement the traditional methods of access to television services (terrestrial and satellite TV, so called "linear television") with content and services provided via broadband networks, allowing simultaneous integration of content from both sources. The 5G networks are most commonly meant in the context of DVB-I, but the services can also be provided via cable, e.g. fiber optics.
Example of the DVB-I channel list
There are tens of thousands of different TV channels available worldwide, with many services tailored for regional broadcasting. How to organize and access this huge number of different TV channels? The answer is CSR, which combines all available service lists (lists of available TV channels and their delivery methods) in a single repository and allows quick and efficient access to these lists. Using a wide range of different search criteria, such as nationality, language, genre, children's programming, performance (4K resolution, high dynamic range, etc.) and popularity, the CSR makes it possible to browse various lists created by TV companies and broadcasters, as well as national regulatory authorities.
Developing the CSR is a huge challenge that includes creating high-availability web servers, fast and reliable content updates, and reliable systems for managing channel lists and user permissions. Average TV viewers will see a better and wider choice of programs on their TV sets along with unrivaled opportunities to access the content of their interest. The plan and implementation of DVB-I and CSR will be demonstrated at the IBC Show in Amsterdam in December 2021 and DVB World in March 2022.
Multiswitch system in a single-family house. Signal multiswitch family enables to make TV/SAT systems in one-family houses and small apartment and office buildings. Multiswitches are designed for indoor operation. They are dedicated for systems based on star topology. In such systems, all outlets are connected by cables concentrated in a multiswitch or a group of multiswitches. A very high isolation among outputs (with no crosstalk between bands and polarizations), and the built-in cable characteristics equalization function can compensate the influence of cable attenuation that increases with frequency and cable length. The multiswitches have 12 VDC switch in the terrestrial path. When a pre/amplifier is to be powered via the signal cable, the switch has to be set to "12 V ON" position.
Example of TV/SAT system in a single-family house with the
MRP-508 R68508 multiswitch from Signal
The MRP multiswitch family from Signal consists of four products. Three of them are dedicated for receiving signals from one satellite and differ in the number of outputs: 4, 8, 12. One multiswitch is dedicated for receiving signals from two satellites. This is summarized in the table below.
I/O 5/4 5/85/12 9/8
Max. input level [dBμV]105
Max. output
level [dBμV]
On/Off 12 VDC switchYes
Short-circuit indicationYes
Home monitoring system based on Hikvision IP cameras with AcuSense. The diagram below shows a monitoring system for a single-family house based on Hikvision DS-2CD2046G2-I K03141 cameras with AcuSense technology, from the EasyIP 4.0 series. These cameras are able to detect human/vehicle objects and filter out all other false alarms. This increases the effectiveness of the entire surveillance system compared to traditional cameras. The cameras are equipped with image sensors with a resolution of 4 MP and a fixed focal length ensuring a wide viewing angle of 103°. This model uses infrared LEDs made with EXIR technology, which allows for even illumination of the area being monitored at night. The 8-port DS-7608NI-K2 K22074 DVR is used for recording events. The cameras are powered by the Ultipower N29982 switch. The NVR uses the WD Purple M89305 hard drive with a capacity of 4 TB. The images are displayed directly from the DVR on the Hikvision 23.6" DS-D5024FC M30236 monitor.
Compact IP Camera: Hikvision Hikvision DS-2CD2046G2-I (4 MP, 2.8mm, 0,003lx, IR up to 30m, WDR, H.265, AcuSense)Junction Box DS-1280ZJ-XS (for Hikvision ceiling and compact cameras)4K IP NVR: Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2 (8ch, 80Mbps, 2xSATA, Alarm IN/OUT, VGA, HDMI, H.265/H.264)23.6HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD40PURZ 4TB (3.5PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER PRO0208afat (120W, 10xRJ45, 8xPoE 802.3af/at, PoE Auto Check)
Home monitoring system based on cameras with AcuSense
Media converter adapters. The ULTIMODE L5215 media converter adapter is an integrated system for mounting and power supplying 14 media converters in a 19" computer rack. It is equipped with a double power supply and an independent mechanical cooling system. This solution ensures a trouble-free and continuous operation of the media converters.
Redundant power supplies are a reliable solution for applications that require continuous operation. Each of the power supplies can be replaced without interrupting operation of the media converters (power sharing). Damage to the power supply is indicated by the LED located on the panel and by an audible alarm. Each slot is equipped with individual power connector, so any media converter can be changed without interrupting operation of the rest of the system.
The installation of multiple media converters takes several minutes. Just screw on the plate for fixing the media converter, and then place the converter in the adapter. The adapter is compatible with all media converters of ULTIMODE series.
Installation of media converters in the adapter
1 - ULTIMODE media converter with mounting element
2 - ULTIMODE L5215 rack adapter (empty)
3 - The adapter with a number of ULTIMODE media converters
Twisted-pair cable – marking. Twisted-pair is a signal cable type used to transmit information over telecommunications links and computer networks. Currently it is most often used in analog telephony and in Ethernet networks. It is made up of one or more pairs of conductors twisted together. The twist is intended to eliminate the influence of electromagnetic interference and mutual interference, so called crosstalk.
The description method of twisted-pair cable is provided by ISO/IEC 11801:2002. According to the information provided, the cable description should follow the xx/yyTP syntax where yy denotes a single pair of conductors in the cable, and symbol xx refers to the entire cable.
The xx and yy symbols can be as follows:
  • U – unshielded
  • F – foiled
  • S – shielded
  • SF shielded and foiled
  • U/UTP – unshielded
  • F/UTP – foiled
  • U/FTP – each pair foiled separately
  • F/FTP – foil screened cable with foil screened balanced elements
  • SF/UTP – overall braid and foil screened cable with unscreened balanced elements
  • S/FTP – overall braid screened cable with foil screened balanced elements
  • SF/FTP – overall braid and foil screened cable with foil screened balanced elements
CAT 5e UTP Cable: NETSET BOX U/UTP 5e [305m], indoor
One of the most popular twisted pair cables for indoor applications.
Przewód NETSET U/UTP 5e E1408_305 cable.
New products offered by DIPOL
Indoor optical cable: Prysmian IC-ROUND 02J7A2 2E 9/125 B2ca (2 G.657A2 fibers)
Indoor Prysmian IC-ROUND 02J7A2 2E 9/2 G.657A2 L7002_1000 to is a DROP optical cable used in indoor systems. It is suitable for both, residential and office buildings. Two single mode fibers (G.657A2 standard) are placed in a microtube. Aramid yarn used in the cable protects the central tube with optical fibers against mechanical damage and rodents. Cable sheath made of LSZH material with reaction to fire class: B2ca-s1a, d1, a1.
Cat. 5e U/UTP Cable: NETSET U/UTP 5e Cca s1a,d1,a1 /500m/
+++NETSET U/UTP category 5e Cca s1a,d1,500m++ E1415_500 cable by far exceeds the requirements for category 5e twisted pair cable. The outer sheath is of class Cca. By meeting such high criteria the twisted pair cable is ideally suited for use in small buildings and locations that have higher fire resistance requirements.

Marathon MK-61B bracket for mounting cameras on masts/posts with diameter of 30 to 105 mm [black].
Marathon MK-61B bracket for mounting cameras on masts/posts with diameter of 30 to 105 mm [black] The M5173B bracket is used for mounting cameras on a mast or lamppost of maximum diameter 105 mm. It is made of 3 mm galvanized steel sheet with powder coating. It allows to mount one or two cameras on both sides of a mast. It has many universal mounting holes, which makes it compatible with most of the cameras.

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