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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 35/2018 (Nov. 5, 2018)
In Poznan like in Singapore - symmetrical 10 Gbps links. During the October's Poznan Game Arena entertainment and multimedia fair, Inea company shocked everyone with the news about the launch of a regular internet access service with a speed of 10 Gbps. At the time when the information was announced, the service was available to 30,000 households, and by the end of 2018, practically anyone in Poznan would have been able to connect to the service. The condition is, of course, the presence of adequate infrastructure in a given area of the city.
The service will be delivered using the Inea fiber optic infrastructure and active Nokia equipment - the leader in the NG-PON equipment market (Next Generation PON). Thus, Poland joins a very short list of countries that can boast of implementing such a service on the consumer market: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA. What's more, Inea decided to implement the latest version of the NG-PON standards family, i.e. XGS-PON officially approved in 2017. It combines the advantages of older XG-PON1 and XG-PON2 standards enabling data download at 10 Gbps and upload at 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps. So, XGS-PON enables creation of symmetric 10/10 Gbps links. Such links require the use of subscriber devices with relatively expensive laser transmitters. Because XGS-PON is compatible with the first version of the XG-PON standard, in selected cases it will be possible to use cheaper devices with a 2.5 Gbps uplink capacity.
Countries with access to 10 Gbps consumer internet links - Poland joins the leaders
A monthly fee for the 10/10 Gbps link is 399 PLN (ca. 105 USD). Customers interested in using the service must remember that the full use of the speed of such a link is connected with the appropriate computer equipment, including components like the processor, RAM memory, disks with high data writing speeds etc.
Who may need such a link today? It is difficult to find a consumer application that requires such a fast connection, but it is probably not a pure chance that Inea has chosen a gaming event to present its offer to the public. Computer players often download games of 100 GB file size or updates of tens of gigabytes. With 10 Gbps download speed, the time needed for downloading 100 GB is just 2 minutes. It seems, however, that a real interest in such a service will be a real thing in the next few years. Telecommunications market analysts predict that XGS-PON technology will be widely offered by major operators around 2022.
DIPOL has been selling Hikvision products for 10 years. DIPOL started to sell Hikvision products as the first company in Poland. 10 years ago, we got the Gold Medal of Intertelecom fair in Lodz for a CCTV DVR that had been manufactured byHIKVISION, being sold in Poland under the ULTIMAX brand.
On this occasion, we have a gift for all CCTV professionals. We invite you to log in to our e-Store and use the link: 10 years of Hikvision in Poland. All companies from the CCTV industry, which are our clients, received invitation emails. If you are a CCTV installer or you run a security company, and you have not received such an email, please register in our e-Store and ask your customer service consultant what gift we have for you. The promotion is valid till the end of 2018.
We invite you to celebrate together.
Conversion of signals from four HDMI sources to one DVB-T mux. DIPOL offers now a new 4-channel DVB-T modulator, ST-6510 R86804, dedicated for mounting in RACK cabinets. The modulator has replaced the ST-6504 model. The device has four audio/video channels (four HDMI inputs with HDCP support) and encodes and modulates up to four HDMI signals into a single DVB-T multiplex. High quality of the output signals is guaranteed by H.264 video compression with automatic bit rate for each of the four streams. Instead, the bit rate for each channel can be set with MANUAL function within 2..6 Mbps range.
HDMI to COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: ST-6510 (HDCP, 4 HDMI signals to 1 DVB-T MUX)
View of the ST-6510 R86804 DVB-T modulator with four HDMI inputs supporting HDCP
The housing of the modulator is compliant with RACK standard. By placing the modulator in a RACK cabinet, along with other equipment, the installer meets the highest installation standards and ensures protection against accidental damages.
The source signals may come from multimedia players, DVRs, Blu-ray players, PCs, STBs etc. The modulator can distribute high quality content in the form of DVB-T multiplex via typical RF coaxial cables used in antenna and CCTV systems.
The role of PIR detectors in CCTV cameras. The HD-TVI DS-2CE11D8T-PIRL M75402 camera has been equipped with PIR sensor. The purpose of the PIR sensor is a better detection and recognition of motion detection. Video motion detection relies on image analysis and can result in multiple false alarms. A typical example is the detection of branches swaying in the wind or falling rain. A lot of alarms are also generated by the lack of proper lighting. Each unimportant alarm translates into loss of disk space and the need to browse unnecessary recordings. The PIR detector significantly limits occurrence of such alarms, because it works based on the detection of temperature changes.
TURBO HD 4.0 Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE11D8T-PIRL (compact, 1080p, 2.8 mm, 0.005 lx, IR do 20m, PIR)
With the built-in PIR sensor, the DS-2CE11D8T-PIRL M75402 camera ensures very reliable motion detection
The PIR function of the DS-2CE11D8T-PIRL M75402 camera can be combined with video motion detection after connecting it to a Turbo HD 4.0 DVR. It is necessary to switch on the false alarm filter in the DVR. An alarm and video recording will be triggered only if an event is detected simultaneously by the video motion detection of DVR and by the PIR sensor.
An additional advantage of the camera is the ability to turn on the built-in lamp lighting the scene with white light. It has dual functionality. First of all, the intruder can be better illuminated, which translates into a higher quality of the recorded video. Secondly, the light has also a deterrent effect.
Alarm system in a single-family home. The diagram below shows the arrangement of elements of an alarm system in a single-family house. The whole system is based on INTEGRA 32 G2004 alarm control panel and modern touchscreen keypad SATEL INTEGRA INT-TSG-BSBINT-TSG-BSB G2107, dedicated for anyone who is looking for the same level of comfort at everyday use as in the case of modern smartphones and tablets. The G2004 main board has 8 inputs, expandable up to 32. The INT-TSG-BSB G2107 keypad allows for extending the system by two additional inputs, without a need for expanders. The system also employs the GRAPHITE G3215 passive IR sensor and SILVER G3005 dual sensors. The windows and doors have been protected by B-1 G3501 reed switches.
Touchscreen Keypad SATEL INTEGRA INT-TSG-BSBControl Panel with 8...32 Zones: SATEL INTEGRA 32 (main board)
When installing the alarm system, the important thing is to properly select and arrange the alarm system components. The G2004 alarm control panel should be hidden in a place that is difficult to access for the thief, as far as possible from the main entrance (e.g.in the attic, dressing room, etc.). The G3215 and G3005 detectors should be placed in such a way as to protect places that an intruder could potentially get into. The proper selection of detectors is also very important. In places exposed to temperature changes, drafts (garage, kitchen, boiler room, etc.), detectors resistant to such phenomena should be used, using the dual element of the G3005 detector.
Measurements of optical path attenuation - a meter with measurement memory. Installers performing installations in multi-dwelling units, such as apartment buildings, prefer measuring devices equipped with the function of memorizing measurement results. This applies to measurements in both copper and fiber optic installations. Thanks to this meter functionality, the installer can perform the entire set of measurements faster, and generate the relevant report in just a few minutes, without the need to tediously note individual results.
The new optical power meter Grandway FHP2B04 L5822 can save up to 999 measurements. This meter is particularly useful when measuring FTTH installations (e.g. in an apartment building with 100 apartments, with two fibers for each apartment), where the number of the necessary measurements amounts to 200 or even 400 (for both directions). The method of remembering a result is very simple - the technician should just hold the LOAD button for 2 seconds. The results can be seen on the display of the meter or on a PC screen. The application offered by the manufacturer allow for the generation of measurement reports that can be exported to a .csv file.
A measurement report
View of the app window with measurements (on a PC)
A noteworthy function of the meter is automatic recognition of the wavelength of the connected light source and measure of its power. The function is especially useful in WDM systems, when the installer does not know the locations of the 1550 nm and 1310 nm transmitters. In any case the automatic function solves the problem.
Hardware controller for the TP-Link EAP system. The Omada Cloud OC200 controller has been created to centrally manage a whole network of devices from the EAP series. Features such as real-time monitoring of traffic statistics and their analysis through built-in data visualization tools, guest authentication via the captive portal, system upgrading and restarting, and easy network scaling - will help manage the WiFi network.
EAP System Controller: TP-Link Omada Cloud Controller OC200
Omada Cloud Controller OC200 N2560 of the TP-Link EAP system
The device is an alternative to the EAP software controller - it has the same functions.
Distinguishing features:
  • Central management of Wi-Fi network,
  • Network management from the cloud,
  • PoE (802.3af/802.3at) for easy installation,
  • High quality device with efficient chipset, USB port for automatic backup, solid metal housing,
  • Convenient network management via Omada application,
  • Multiple guest logging options (Facebook, SMS, Voucher system).
With the controller, the network administrator can set the authentication of wireless clients through a captive portal. This method requires the user to perform appropriate actions (such as approving conditions of use or logging in to the system) in order to gain access to the network. These activities are then verified by the appropriate server or database prepared by the administrator.
New products offered by DIPOL
EAP System Controller: TP-Link Omada Cloud Controller OC200
EAP System Controller TP-Link Omada Cloud Controller OC200 N2560 has been created to centrally manage a whole network of devices from the EAP series. Features such as real-time monitoring of traffic statistics and their analysis through built-in data visualization tools, guest authentication via the captive portal, system upgrading and restarting, and easy network scaling - will help manage the WiFi network.
Multi-system Compact Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRF (HD-TVI/AHD/HD-CVI/CVBS, 1080p, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 20m)

Multi-system Compact Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRF M75459 can be used in video surveillance systems based on various types of DVRs. The user can select the required video standard from among HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, or the legacy CVBS (ANALOG). The choice of the standard is made by an appropriate setting of the switches located on the additional cable. The enhanced video systems allow for using the 1080p option that utilizes the 2 MP image resolution of the camera. Thanks to high sensitivity of the image sensor (0.01 lx) and built-in IR illuminator with range up to 20 m, the camera provides high quality video coverage even in difficult lighting conditions.
Surface-mount Connection Box (STP, Cat.5e)
Surface-mount Connection Box (STP, Cat.5e) J2205 is used for connecting two ends (not terminated) of shielded Cat. 5e cables. The box has two IDC slot connectors marked with colored coding to facilitate correct wiring in T568A and T568B standards.

Worth reading
Monitoring of an apartment building based on Hikvision EasyIP 2.0plus cameras. The following figure shows a concept of a video monitoring system covering a building, based on a Hikvision NVR and IP cameras from the EasyIP 2.0plus series. The outside area around the building is monitored by eight DS-2CD2043G0-I K17635 compact cameras with 4 MP resolution and 2.8 mm lens with 98° viewing angle. Inside the building there are four ceiling cameras DS-2CD2123G0-I K17321 with 2 MP resolution, equipped with 2.8 mm lenses with 114° viewing angle. Both models of the cameras have IR illuminators with range up to 30 m made in EXIR technology ensuring even lighting of the scene at night. The layout of the cameras allows for good identification of any potential vandals who might destroy the facade of the building... >>>more
15-year warranty on Netset cables
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