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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 14/2017 (April 3, 2017)
Push-to-talk and LTE Broadcast during MWC in Barcelona. During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Telstra, Ericsson, Motorola Solutions and Qualcomm Technologies presented PTT ( Push to talk) connections with LTE Broadcast, dedicated for commercial Telstra solution called LANES (LTE Advanced Network for Emergency Services). PTT is a method enabling quick communication within a group of people in one channel in half-duplex mode (each party can communicate with the other but not simultaneously). The LTE Broadcast function implemented by Telstra can group and prioritize connections directed to some recipients in the group. Such connections are separated in the network layer and are characterized by very short delay times.
The development of techniques based on 3G and LTE cellular systems is supported by 3GPP organization (3rd Generation Partnership Project). The result of the work is to be "Enhanced LANES", which will provide emergency services with dedicated priority broadband access to data during their operations. Motorola Solutions, Ericsson and Telstra will test these systems in Australia to develop a final solution supporting emergency services. The new generation of push-to-talk connections is a key element of public security based on integration with LTE broadband networks, which will complement key functions of communications systems that have already been used.
How to solve the problem of voltage drop on long power lines? The PSCU04344SEP M1833 power supply has been specially designed for low-voltage systems with long power runs. To eliminate the voltage drop that would be caused by considerably high resistance of the cables in the case of direct power supply with a 12 VDC source, the power supply provides increased voltage (30...35 VDC), reduced by DCDC10H M1834 DC/DC converters located by the receivers (cameras). The converters with stable 12 VDC output voltage have current capacity of 0.8 A. The four independent outputs of the M1833 power supply are galvanically isolated and protected with fuses.
CAT 5e UTP Cable: NETSET U/UTP 5e [1m], indoorCCTV Cable: YAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1.0 [1 m]<br />(90% braid coverage, 2 power wires up to 230VAC)
Application diagram of the PSCU04344SEP power supply and DCDC10H M1834 converters
Maximum distances between the power supply and DC/DC converter depending on the kind of power line:
Cable type
Conductor cross section [mm2]AWGMax. distance of power supply
(12 VDC / 0.8 A)
UTP cat. 5e (one pair)0.2024  60
UTP cat. 5e (two pairs)0.4021120
UTP cat. 5e (three pairs)0.6019180
Stranded wire
Stranded wire0.5020200
Stranded wire0.7518400
Stranded wire1.0017500
Stranded wire2.2515700
Satel Perfecta platform - modern intruder alarm systems. DIPOL has introduced new intruder alarm panels and components of PERFECTA Satel platform. The platform consists of 4 alarm control panels (main boards): PERFECTA 16 G2072, PERFECTA 32 G2076, which have been designed for traditional wired systems, and PERFECTA 16-WRL G2074, PERFECTA 32-WRL G2078, which allow for wireless and hybrid solutions. Alarm systems based on the panels can be controlled by the dedicated LCD keypad PRF-LCD G2186 (wired connection), wireless LCD keypad PRF-LCD-WRL G2188, and the MPT-350 G2193 key fob.
The PERFECTA alarm control panels are ideal for small and medium-sized installations. The built-in GSM/GPRS module with 2 slots for SIM cards (in each control panel) enables system monitoring and operation via mobile application without the need for additional components. Each system can be divided into two partitions with three arming modes. In addition, it is possible to assign a given zone (input) to two partitions. Any of the systems can be extended with additional inputs and/or outputs using dedicated modules: INT-E G2232, INT-O G2236, INT-ORS. The WRL versions are equipped with a radio module operating at 433 MHz, which allows for connecting wireless sensors dedicated for MICRA systems such as MPD-300 G2721 passive infrared detector, MSD-300 G2752 smoke and heat detector, MMD-300 G2731 opening detector.
Alarm Control Panel: SATEL PERFECTA 16 (main board, 8...16 inputs)
Alarm Control Panel: SATEL PERFECTA 32-WRL (main board, 8...32 inputs)
LCD Keypad PRF-LCD (for SATEL PERFECTA systems)
Key Fob MPT-350 (for SATEL PERFECTA WRL systems)
Alarm control panel
(main board)
Alarm control panel
(main board)
LCD keypad
Key fob
Digital DVB-T modulators for distribution of HD content to multiple televisions. The distribution of multimedia in the form of DVB-T channels/multiplexes ensures the same quality of image and sound in the entire system and, above all, allows for providing HD content to multiple receivers in a cost-effective way. DVB-T modulators with HDMI inputs can be used, for example, in electronics stores, where they eliminate the need for multiple HDMI splitters and cables, allowing easy and reliable distribution of HD content even to a hundred of televisions. DIPOL offers several models of Full HD DVB-T modulators.
HDMI to COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: TERRA MHD-101
DVB-T Modulator Signal-400 (HDMI to COFDM)
TERRA MHD-101 R86101
Signal-400 R86700
MHD-101 R86101 and Signal-400 R86700 are single-channel models converting a Full HD (1920x1080) signal applied to HDMI input into DVB-T channel. The digitally modulated RF signal is usually distributed by RF splitters/taps and coaxial cabling to antenna outlets or directly to antenna inputs of televisions. This solution is especially useful in modern hotel antenna systems distributing HD channels. Due to the output level of the MHD101 R86700 modulator (70...90 dBμV), it usually operates together with DVB-T antenna systems where the signal from the modulator is combined with signals from terrestrial TV antennas. The Signal-400 HDMI R86700 with high output level (94...114 dBμV) can operate without additional amplifier/s and can be applied for distribution of the HD video to multiple televisions e.g. in electronics stores just using passive components (RF splitters/taps and coaxial cables).
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: WS-7992 (2 channels)
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: WS-7990 (4 channels)
WS-7992 R86702
WS-7990 R86704
Multi-channel DVB-T modulators WS-7992 R86702 and WS-7990 R86704 can function in several modes. The input signals can be provided to their HDMI and/or A/V (RCA) inputs, the output RF signals can be combined with other signals (from a DVB-T antenna system and other modulators).
All the presented devices fully support HDCP protocol, so the signal/s can come from any source with HDMI output.
Complete information on the installation - reflectometry measurements. The GRANDWAY FHO3000-D26 L5828 reflectometer offers functionality similar to that of much more expensive devices of this category. The dynamic range of the L5828 model (26 dB at 1310 nm and 24 dB at 1550 nm) is suitable for measurements of single-mode optical links even with lengths of hundred or so kilometers, but the device is also very useful for testing FTTH systems in buildings.
The use of a reflectometer by the installer is associated with a number of advantages and opportunities not available in the case of transmission method (light source and power meter):
  • testing of optical fibers on reels before costly and time-consuming installation - to verify the continuity, attenuation, bends etc.
  • exact location of problems in optical paths (bad splices, excessive bendings or loops, defective connectors)
  • verifying the quality of connectors used in the installation (reflectance, attenuation)
  • measuring of the parameters of a selected section of a link (using markers on the screen) with the attenuation and reflectance values of individual "events" - the installer gets exact information on excessive attenuation in the link caused e.g. by a concrete splice/connector, which is not available in the case of using a light source and optical power meter
  • macrobend detection and location - the installer knows where the optical cable has been laid improperly
Time-domain optical reflectometry measurements are usually performed in long fiber optic links. However, such measurements are also useful in building installations in order to verify if the total attenuation of any link does not exceed the maximum allowed value (e.g. 1.2 dB in Poland).
An example of visualization of a splice in the OTDR Viewer. The splice is located in the 3015 meter of the optical path. The reflectometer gives the attenuation of the event (in the case of the low quality splice the attenuation is 0.47 dB), as well as provides the attenuation of the section between the 2775 m and 3285 m (0.6 dB).
Easy remote control of home appliances. F&Wave is an easy to install and use system of wireless control of home appliances. The system allows for remote control of lighting including dimming option, lowering/raising roller blinds, shutters etc., opening/closing gates and garage doors, and control of many other electrical appliances. The appliances can be managed with the use of handheld and/or additionally installed wireless controls, just by the existing electrical switches combined with the system.
Components of the F&Wave system:
  • Single Bistable Relay F3211, and its DIN-rail version F3212
  • Double Bistable Relay F3221, and its DIN-rail version F3222
  • Roller Blind Controller F3521, and its DIN-rail version F3522
  • Wireless Dimmer F3311, and its DIN-rail version F3312
  • 2-channel Wireless LED Controller F3421, and its DIN-rail version F3422
  • 10-button Remote Control F3110
  • 4-button Remote Control F3104
  • 5-button Remote Control F3105 (for Ø60 box)
A unique feature of the system is the retransmission of the control signals by the modules, i.e. any signal received by a module is "repeated" by it, which improves reliability of the system and significantly extends the range of operation.
2-channel Wireless LED Controller: F&Wave FW-LED2D (for DIN rail)2-channel Wireless LED Controller: F&Wave FW-LED2PRoller Blind Controller: F&Wave FW-STR1D (1.5A/230VAC, for DIN rail)Roller Blind Controller: F&Wave FW-STR1P (0.6A/230VAC)10-button Remote Control: F&Wave FW-RC104-button Remote Control: F&Wave FW-RC4Single Bistable Relay F&Wave FW-R1PSingle Bistable Relay F&Wave FW-R1D (for DIN rail)Wireless Dimmer F&Wave FW-D1PWireless Dimmer F&Wave FW-D1D (for DIN rail)5-button Remote Control: F&Wave FW-RC5 (for Ø60 box)
Applications of F&Wave system
  • A - a LED strip
    • LED strips are controlled with dedicated controllers, managed by local buttons connected directly to a controller, or, more conveniently, by handheld remote controls. The strips can be switched on/off and dimmed. There are two versions of 2-channel LED controllers:
      • FW-LED2P F3421,
      • FW-LED2D (to be mounted on DIN rail F3422).
  • B - a roller blind
    • Roller blinds are controlled with dedicated controllers, managed by local buttons connected directly to a controller, or, more conveniently, by a handheld remote control. There are two versions of the controllers (230 VAC):
      • FW-STR1P F3521,
      • FW-STR1D (to be mounted on DIN rail F3422).
  • C - an electrical appliance with switch ON/OFF control
    • This type of devices can be controlled with relay modules. The dedicated relay modules are composed of one or two relays. The switch ON/OFF function can be performed locally (with additional keys connected to a module) or wirelessly, by a handheld remote control. The available relay modules:
      • Single bistable relay FW-R1P F3211,
      • Single bistable relay FW-R1D (to be mounted on DIN rail F3422),
      • Double bistable relay FW-R2D F3221,
      • Double bistable relay FW-R2D (to be mounted on DIN rail F3422).
  • D - a dimmable light source
    • The control of dimmable light sources is carried out by dedicated dimmers. A light source can be switched ON/OFF and dimmed/lightened to a desirable level either locally (with additional keys connected to the dimmer module) or remotely ( with a handheld remote control). The available dimmers:
      • Wireless dimmer FW-D1P F3311,
      • Wireless dimmer FW-D1D (to be mounted on DIN rail F3422).
  • E - 5-button transmitter (to be placed in a Ø60 flush-mounted box)
    • The transmitter controls paired modules.
  • F - handheld remote control
    • Handheld remote controls allow users to control paired components of F&Wave systems. The available units:
New products offered by DIPOL
2MP IP PTZ Camera: Hikvision DS-2DE7220IW-AE (20x optical zoom 4.7-94mm, IR up to 150m, PoE+)
2MP IP PTZ Camera Hikvision DS-2DE7220IW-AE K1797 has been equipped with high quality 2 MP (1920x1080) image sensor operating at 25 fps. The camera provides two data streams (main stream and sub-stream) and can use H.264 or MJPEG compression method. Thanks to day and night modes, the camera very well renders colors in daylight and fully makes use of its high sensitivity at night. The audio input allows for connection of a microphone, and the audio output can be connected to an active loudspeaker (with an amplifier). Such a solution enables two-way voice communication, audio monitoring of the spot, audio recording.
2xDVB-T/T2/C to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TTX420 (2 FTA multiplexes)
2xDVB-T/T2/C to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TTX420 (2 FTA multiplexes) R81616 is used for reception of DVB-T/T2/C signals and for change of their parameters (regeneration, filtering, retransmission in different RF channels etc.) according to the needs of the project. The device can receive whole sets of channels from two free-to-air DVB-T/T2/C multiplexes and convert them into two neighboring DVB-T multiplexes with maximum data rate allowed by the DVB-T standard, i.e. 31.68 Mbps. In practice, each multiplex can carry 6 SD channels or 2-3 HD channels. The administrator of the system selects the required channels from the satellite input streams and forms two DVB-T multiplexes. Alternatively, one DVB-T multiplex can be programmed from channels coming from two different DVB-T/T2/C multiplexes.
Power Adapter ML517 (for Hikvision DVRs)
Power Adapter ML517 (for Hikvision DVRs) M1872 allows the user to power a Hikvision DVR with 4-pin power socket from a suitable power supply unit with 2.1/5.5 plug.

The latest
March 21, 2017 - visit of students from the Czech Republic. Yesterday we hosted a group of students from the Czech Republic who arrived to Poland in school exchange program between the partnering telecommunications school complex in Krakow. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest solutions in the field of IP CCTV and fiber optic installations presented by our Technical Department specialists. Thanks for the nice visit!
Worth reading
Video monitoring of an apartment building based on Sunell IP cameras and Hikvision NVR. The diagram of the IP CCTV system protecting an apartment building, based on 16 Sunell K1676 IP cameras and Hikvision NVR, is presented below. The camera model is really cost-effective, providing high quality video with 2 MP resolution. Its varifocal lens with adjustable focal length within 2.8-12 mm range allows for setting viewing angle from 89° to 35°. The built-in IR illuminator with maximum range of 35 m ensures good visibility at night without additional lighting. A number of functions such as digital image stabilization (DIS), image defogging (DeFog), high light compensation (HLC) improve image clarity in various situations... >>>more
Video monitoring of an apartment house based on K1676 Sunell IP cameras and K22161 Hikvision NVR
Protect - mobile DVRs
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