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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 14/2008 (April 14, 2008)
Prestigious award for ULTIMAX. On April 8, 2008, Network Video Recorder ULTIMAX-716 - launched on the market by DIPOL - won Gold Medal of Intertelecom for the best product at 19th International Fair of Electronic Communication INTERTELECOM 2008 in Lodz, Poland.
ULTIMAX - the market leader in digital CCTV recording
The contest was hold for the 15th time. The goal of the contests at INTERTELECOM is to promote products and services that contribute to the development of telecommunications in Poland.

The Gold Medal for ULTIMAX-716 H.264
Cisco like a big tanker. At ISC West (International Security Conference - April 2-4, 2008) in Las Vegas, Cisco Systems, Inc. presented new IP video surveillance products.

The role of Cisco in IP-based technology is so important that it is worth to focus on the products and scenarios.
There was shown 4500 IP camera of 2 megapixel resolution (1920 x 1980), utilizing H.264 compression. For standard applications Cisco prepared 2500 IP camera, both as wired and wireless version (the latter supporting 802.11b/g/n standards). The "n" option makes it probably the first CCTV camera that supports the newest wireless standard (draft 2.0). The cameras can cooperate with Cisco Stream Manager 5.0, offered for about 300 US dollars per one channel.

The next, new field of activity of Cisco is IP-based physical access control. The company presented both hardware and software components utilizing IP network for integrated security operations.
Door readers, locks and biometric devices, and the Cisco Access Gateway - together with the software component - Cisco Physical Access Manager, make a complete and scalable platform that can cooperate with existing systems and other software applications (e.g. databases).

Cisco, like a big tanker, can only sail on the deep, along the main routes.
The solutions developed by this IP leader, based on H.264 compression and "n" standard, will be the lodestar for other, smaller companies.
The new direction of Cisco towards physical access control may be a strong impulse for quick development of this market segment.
The new direction of Cisco towards physical access control may be a strong impulse for quick development of this market segment.
Tower of Liberty. TV transmission towers are strategic buildings, very well protected. They allow to transmit TV and radio programs which can shape public opinion - a very important element of acquiring and maintaining political power.
The tower in the picture is especially important for the city and country which it is in. In January 1991, several months after the country declared independence, 14 citizens died there while trying to maintain the blockade against troops equipped with tanks. There were over 600 people injured.
Where is the tower? The answer at the end of the issue.

Where is the tower? The answer at the end of the issue.
Distribution of satellite signals in small and medium apartment blocks - multiswitch MSR-524. The R70624 multiswitches with 24 outputs provide perfect solutions for medium sized buildings. The multiswitches are equipped with graded output levels (in three groups). It allows to equalize signal levels in wall plates deployed in different distances from the multiswitches. High isolation between outputs minimizes interferences between the receiving devices. For installations with above 24 outlets there are needed additional multiswitches, e.g. R70604, R70608, R70612, R70616. Signals from Quatro LNB and terrestrial TV should be previously split/tapped through TERRA splitters or taps - SS-504 R70515 (for similar branches), or SS-510 R70516, SS-515 R70517, SS-210 R70518 (for unsymmetrical branches). The multiswitches allow to power antenna preamplifiers with 12VDC.
Multi-input Antenna Amplifier: Alcad CA-310TV/SAT Wall Plate: Signal R-TV-SAT (terminal)Multiswitch Terra MSR-524 (5-in, 24-out, terrestrial TV amplifier)
Application diagram
ULTIMAX - digital video recorders for demanding customers - full range of choices. DIPOL has launched on the European market a whole family of 3rd generation network DVRs of ULTIMAX series. There are three groups of them, depending on the computing power of processors and some other features. The most powerful subfamily is 7xx series, then go 5xx and 3xx models. The 7xx series contains 16-ch and 8-ch DVRs, the 5xx and 3xx series also include 4-ch models. The flagship DVR of 7xx series - M77160 - is capable of recording 4CIF (D1) images at 25 fps, simultaneously from all 16 channels.
ULTIMAX - the market leader in digital CCTV recording
The main common features of ULTIMAX family distinguishing it in the market:
  • 24 months warranty,
  • the newest and most efficient H.264 video compression,
  • recording and live viewing in 4CIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF resolutions - see the table below,
  • many modes of triggering video recording (manual, schedule, motion detection, external alarms - in four daily cycles),
  • selectable bitrate (recording) from 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps,
  • multi-layer management with adequate access rights,
  • synchronous recording of video and audio,
  • support of largest hard discs (SATA) - up to 2 TB each. In some models there can be installed up to 8 such disks (total capacity of 16 TB)!.,
  • possibility of real-time recording on:
    • hard discs installed in the DVR,
    • external hard discs connected via USB,
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS),
    • computers with ULTIMAX client software installed,
  • playback of archives za pomocą oprogramowania klienckiego z wszystkich wymienionych wyżej lokalizacji,
  • możliwość udostępnienia odpowiednim służbom nagrania na oryginalnym dysku,
  • bardzo prosty sposób backupu wybranych sekwencji oraz nagrań z ostatniej doby,
  • możliwość ustawienia wszystkich parametrów zapisu dla każdej kamery oddzielnie,
  • rozbudowany system informowania operatora o wykonywanych zadaniach,
  • sterowanie dostępnymi na rynku obrotnicami PTZ,
  • dwukierunkowa łączność głosowa pomiędzy operatorem rejestratora i kamerami, oraz operatorem rejestratora i operatorami stacji klienckich ULTIMAX.
The differences among 700, 500, and 300 series are shown in the table:
Available models (number of ch.)16M77160M75160M73160
4- - -M75040M73040
Recording speed (each channel) [fps]4CIF25121.5
Live  viewing (every channel)
4CIF 25 fps
HDD interfaces
SATA 8x(max.2000GB)=16TBSATA 8x(max.2000GB)=16TBIDE 4x(maks.2000GB)=8TB
Dimensions19” rack (450x450x95mm)19” rack (450x450x95mm)14.25” rack (440x390x70mm)
In following newsletters we will describe in detail the main modes of operation and parameters of ULTIMAX DVRs
Comparison of typical PTZ cameras and megapixel cameras. Most cameras used in CCTV systems in stadiums are PTZ devices. It is due to the fact that one such camera can cover a large area and thanks to optical zoom to narrow the field of view to the most interesting fragment and identify important details.
Pomimo tych zalet, są też pewne poważne ograniczenia. W przypadku dwóch operatorów, mogą występować konflikty przy sterowaniu kamerą. Ponadto analizując fragment obszaru, nie wiadomo co dzieje się poza nim. Te ograniczenia rozwiązują kamery megapikselowe (wysokiej rozdzielczości). Zastosowanie ich np. na stadionach pozwala rejestrować wszystko co się dzieje, a interesujące szczegóły można powiększać nie tylko "na żywo", ale także po zarejestrowaniu. W ten sposób żaden szczegół nie zostanie pominięty. Poniżej przedstawiono cyfrowe powiększenie wybranego fragmentu trybun z kamery standardowej oraz megapikselowej.
Comparison of digitally zoomed images from standard and megapixel camera
How to configure the TP-Link TL-WR542G router? Router connects two or more logical subnets, e.g. external network with Internet access (WAN) with local network (LAN), making a bridge for information exchange. Without proper configuration the connection will be impossible. In most cases, router acts as a specialized computer (replacing a standard computer) working in external network, with software and hardware tailored to the tasks of routing and forwarding. It allows to create internal (local) network.
In this case, configuration of the computer includes:
  • taking down all settings of the NIC (working in external network),
    • IP address
    • Subnet mask
    • Default gateway
    • Preferred DNS server
  • changing the way of address assignment to dynamic (DHCP), or setting fixed IP address from the router's range,
  • connecting the computer with LAN port of the router.
More on configuration of TL-WR542G N2950 router in DIPOL Library - How to configure a router
Router connects two or more logical subnets, e.g. external network with Internet access (WAN) with local network (LAN), making a bridge for information exchange.
Wilnius. The Vilnius TV Tower is a 326.5 meter-high (1071 ft) building, the highest one in Lithuania. The tower was completed in 1980. Its structure is composed of a concrete base, a 190 m long hollow reinforced concrete pipe, and a 136 m long steel spike. At 160m there is an observation deck and coffee shop - in a concrete saucer. In 1991, 14 unarmed civilians lost their lives opposing the Soviet troops that wanted to seize the tower.
One of the most interesting buildings in Vilnius is St Ann church, built in the style of flaming Gothic
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Welcome to our stand at Securex in Poznan, April 22-25, 2008 - no. 33 in pavilion 3A
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